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Bangladesh Series


While researching Bangladesh's art and folk, we stumbled upon the story of Chitranibha Chowdhury, the first woman publicly recognized as an artist in Bangladesh. The idea for the series of covers is inspired in the anecdote of her lost mural from the 1920’s.

Typesetting and cover illustration. As well as designing the presentation and banners for the dissemination event.


World Bank Group






out of poverty
in 15 years.

“Bangladesh has an inspiring story of reducing poverty and advancing development. Since 2000, the country has reduced poverty by half. Yet, in urban areas, progress has been slower and extreme poverty has not decreased.”

The primary publication consists of two volumes comprising 479 pages.

We used a grid with incremental margins and reflected pages in a book size format.

Adaptation of the cover for event banner in Cox’s Bazar.

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