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We Specialize in Design for Publishing and Brand Development



We value the team effort needed to produce reliable publications. Our job is to present such work, finding attractive solutions to improve the reach and readability of the content, making it more effective to impact a targeted audience—from policymakers and institutions to the general public.


We believe that in order to develop the identity of a brand you need to understand its purpose. Our creative process is based on the research of market design trends that align with the goals and values of a specific client. With this formula, we can create visual solutions for a wide range of markets and targets.


Brand Strategy / Identity & Branding / Print, Digital & Web Publishing / Print and animated Infographics / Illustration / Presentation Design / Video Direction / Ui-Ux design

Carlos Reyes

Partner and Creative Director

Carlos is a consultant for the World Bank Group since 2016. Prior, he worked as a creative designer for publications of governmental institutions and NGO’s of the Dominican Republic.

Robin van Wijk

Senior Graphic Design Specialist

With 10+ years of experience in the graphic design industry, working for several clients in the Netherlands, and venturing to the United States, where he worked leading the brand and graphic design for several start-ups as well as multidisciplinary designer for the San Francisco Art Institute. 

Ro Acosta

Senior Typesetter

Ro has more than 15 years of experience working as a typesetter for institutions in the academic field. Focusing on large publications for print and digital distribution. 

Gabriel Lora

Senior Communication Designer

Gabriel worked on the team of designers and engineers deploying the signage system for the current Grand Paris Metro network. He has broad experience producing graphic symbol alphabets, as well as printed and animated infographics.



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