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Bolivia Vulnerability Study


As a third of Bolivia’s territory is covered by Los Andes, we wanted the cover to have a mountain as a symbol of strength and stability. Maybe as a challenge to climb. In the foreground we see a landscape of households that show signs of vulnerability. Almost tracing a view of La Paz.

Typesetting and illustrations.


World Bank Group




Cover Design and Illustration

“Poverty and inequality have been significantly reduced in Bolivia since 2000, driven mainly by the gains generated during the commodity boom. However, as the prices of raw materials began to decline, especially since 2014, progress in reducing poverty and inequality slowed down. Countercyclical public policies, partly supported by the macroeconomic buffers that accumulated during the boom, sustained these advances, even if less than in the past."

Three sources of vulnerability

A social protection system that faces limitations to protect the poor and vulnerable

A weak private sector with low quality jobs, limiting opportunities to create more and better jobs

The country lacks the wave of economic gains from the commodity boom, and policymakers have less leeway

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