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Asylum Seekers in the European Union

Building Evidence to Inform Policy Making 


The color palette of the report is based on the tones of the sea. In the cover, we wanted to portray a couple arriving from the mediterranean sea, in the shades of the sand you can recognize the map of Europe.

Cover design and typesetting. As well as separate Overview in 4 different languages.


World Bank Group



June 2018

"Policy needs to be informed by facts: the more that is known about those who may be affected, the more realistic and achievable a policy’s goals will be. However, while there have been massive movements of people across borders in recent years, many entering the European Union (EU), there is little systematic data about them available. Most of the evidence that is available is anecdotal and journalistic; it deals primarily with the tragedies of migrants in transit rather than providing hard data on which policy-makers can base policies."

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